GCTS Services

At Gulf Coast Technology Services, we provide eDiscovery, Computer Forensics, Data Recovery, Business Technology Consulting and Project Management services. Our focus is to provide the highest quality and most professional services available in each area we practice.

Electronic Discovery Services

Consultation – It is critical to establish your eDiscovery strategy and advise your clients early in the process to ensure that electronic evidence is preserved and maintained in a format and environment that supports easy, efficient and relevant searches. Strategies and the plans that support them should encompass the entire case lifecycle with a focus on preserving and producing evidence efficiently while ensuring you get the maximum benefit from all discoverable evidence.

Data Acquisition – We specialize in collecting electronic evidence from all relevant sources throughout an organization in a forensically sound manner while maintaining the chain-of-custody. We assist you in implementing a reasonable and defensible collection strategy without the costly “collect everything” approach.

Processing and Filtering – We extract data from workstations, networks, emails and databases and provide other critical processing allowing you to identify potentially relevant evidence to your case. Using our experience and tools, we can filter redundant documents and search across large volumes of data to reduce the volume of relevant documents reducing time and costs for your case.

Production and Review – Whether you want to manage your search and production in-house or use an online search and production service, we are able to handle the production or work with your vendor of choice to support your case.

Data Access and Recovery Services

Just because data was deleted, media reformatted or password lost, it does not mean it is not recoverable. GCTS is able to analyze and recover lost data even if the drive has been formatted, re-partitioned or is otherwise inaccessible. Although recovery can never be fully guaranteed, if the data still exists on the media and the hardware is functional, we have the tools and skills to recover it.

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